4900 Old Pleasant Hill Road
Kissimmee, FL 34759
Phone: 407-870-9949
Fax: 407-870-8976
Office Hours: 8:30-4:30

NDHS does not discriminate based on race, color, sex, age, religion, or national origin.

A Public School of Choice,
With a Private School Atmosphere       
NDHS is an "A" School!
Art Club    -  Ms. Lynn
Athletic Director  -  Mr. Toy
Basketball (JV)  -  Mr. Huber
Basketball (Varsity)  -  Mr. Vargas
Book Club  -  Mrs. Mills
Business Partner Liaison  -  Mrs. Sosa
Chamber Choir  -  Mr. Decker
Chamber of Commerce Liaison  -  Mr. Barrett/Miss Dubin
Chess Club  -  Mr. Barrett
Cross Country  -  Mr. Timmerman
Dance  -  Ms. Lynn
Dreamers & Doers  -  Mr. Timmerman / Miss Dubin
Environmental Club  -  Miss Arguelles
Film Club  - Mr. Parrella
Freshman Class  -
History Bowl  -  Mr. Parrella
Interact Club  -  Mr. Timmerman / Miss Dubin
International Club  -  Mrs. Torres/Mr. Parrella/
Junior Class  -  Mr. Decker / Mrs. Torres
RYLA  -  Mrs. Dubin / Mr. Timmerman
Senior Class  -  Mrs. Timmerman / Miss Dubin
Soccer (Boys)  -  Miss Bonilla
Soccer (Girls)  -  Mr. Decker
Sophomore Class  -  Mrs. Mills
Tennis (Girls)  -  Mr. Barrett
Tiger Tutoring  -  Miss. Arguelles
Track and Field  -  Mr. Timmerman
Volleyball - Ms. Finnucan
Weight Lifting  -  Mrs. Arguelles